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Fandom: Thor Film

Beta: My hangover

Summary: Sif takes advice from Thor. It does not go well for Loki.

A Courtship
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Fandom:Young Justice/Smallville/DCU
Summary: A comedy about family.
Author's note: Mostly Young Justice canon, Smallville Lionel and Lex, and DCU family history. IDEK.

Luthor Family Values

Here the judge took a moment to reinspect his notes and Lex used the moment to take a picture of Batman’s thunderous expression with his phone.  )


Apr. 11th, 2011 06:12 pm
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I refuse to stop listening to Bad Rabbits until the world makes sense again.  Until my lungs work, and my teacher's stop acting like unintentional assholes.
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I don't want to give up the ensemble course at school, but I think the time has come to walk away from the stage and accept something I really don't want to.  I need to accept the fact that a band isn't in the works for me.  The other kids in my class already have bands or just want jam work outs.  Jazz vocalist aren't in high demand up here.  Women vocalists, even less.  Unattractive women even less so.

Dozens of women musicians I know up here are incredibly bitter.  They call it "The Boy's Game." because frankly, there aren't opportunities for women do be anything other than a one piece or a two piece set.  When I left musical theater for jazz and punk rock, I thought- finally. I hadchance to do what I want to do-what my voice SHOULD have been doing. Which I did.

In a classroom.  Alone in my bedroom.  Maybe in a practice room.  Occasionally in a school organized recital.

Year after year I've taken the same classes only to be passed over for other males in my class, all with less range, skill, and experience.  I got so sick of it, I started retraining myself in piano and started picking up all the rock instruments until I could play any instrument with ease.  Learned practical music theory backwards and forwards until I won student nominated awards. 

I went on auditions and was turned down at every opportunity.  I hit open mics and been cheered with deafening applause, doing the thing I never wanted to do. perform as a female singer/songwriter cliche.  They're kind of the joke of Anchorage.  You can find them for pennies and they only know three chords.  They're scoffed and looked down on, and those that don't always gaze with confusion going, "I wonder what's wrong with her. Why isn't she in a band?" Though god forbid any of them ever try. 

So here's my promise to myself.  By the time I turn twenty five, I will:

A) Own my own recording equipment.
B) Have recorded the songs I have scribbled away in the corners of my textbooks, like I'm the Half-Blood Prince or something.
C)Have utter faith in myself
D) Help every other female musician I know to the best of my abilities.

The first step to doing this has to be to stop taking the performance oriented music classes.  I have enough credits for my minor.  I don't need to put myself through the stress of trying to mesh with guys who spurn me outside of class.  Who think I'm worht less than my other female counterparts because I don't show off at every opportunity and don't vomit after every meal.

The best thing I can do for me is give up on the band dream for now and focus on my music come to life on my own fucking terms.

Also, buy my own drum kit instead of borrowing my roommates/the school's.
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Finally found out why I've been so dog sick the past few weeks.

My bedroom wall is covered in black mold.  I moved all my bedding off the mattress so the moisture on my mattress could dry out.  I slept on my bedding with the pillow from my Princess Jasmine! corner, AKA, the giant pile of pillows and fake!silk wall hangings.  I spent all of yesterday dog sick but enjoying myself with [personal profile] amalthia  (who's awesome).  When I got home, I went to put my pillow back and noticed moldy markings behind it.  I pulled something else out of that corner and disvered a whole STREAK of black.  As I pulled things away from that wall, I found huge spotches of black black.  The mold goes from the carpet all the way up as far as three feet in some places, as low as one foot in others.

I've washed roughly half the bedding after six solid hours of working.  I've got   another six hours to finish all the sheets and then I've got the hangings and the stuffed anymals and the bleaching and rubbing alcohol to go. 


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IDK how many bandom folk on this journal read this exclusively and not LJ as well.  Is it worth putting a Dw post up on my bandom gen werewolf fic or should I not even bother since yall can find me on LJ.

Stick Note

Aug. 30th, 2010 03:09 pm
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Projects for the Year - Things partially begun that must be finished.  Eventually

Gerard Way and Kanye West are BFF's in High School AU - "Gays deserve equal rights too!  They are like people, just like you and me, Jon Walker.   True facts!  I met this one gay, let's call him Ferard, and he's all 'I'm not gay, I just like Nora Roberts' and it's not cool that he has to lie about himself cause he thinks we won't love him.  Everyone should love Ferard, Jon Walker.  He's dope.  You're dope too, for a middle schooler at a bus stop." 
SPN/Bandom crossover - Weird shit's going down, even for Jersey.  Dad's working the hunter angle and Dean, well, he's hoping he can get some clue's by befriending the freaky kid at school, Gerard.
Red Suede Shoes Sequel - They were this close, but then MTV just had to play  I'm Not OK right in the middle of the adoption paperwork.  If they weren't such stupid homophobic bastards, Frank and Jamia probably wouldn't have had to steal their baby.  Probably. 
B-Sides - Ian Crawford, petsitter extraordinaire

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Amanda Palmer is kind of wonderful.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, Amanda fans have so many aspects to love!

She's a musician!  Piana and ukelele and all sorts of wonders!
She's an artist!  She paints and draws and designs clothes!
She's a very interesting blogger!  She writes about her life as a traveling Jack-of-all-Trades
She promotes strangers who are amazing!  See her blog
She is an actor/singer/dancer!  See her performance in Cabaret!

And for the shallow, her body is symmetrically pleasing.

See, passion!  Ukelele!  Symmetry!

If this isn't enough, sign up for her mailing list and get updates on classic Amanda Shenanigans, like observing a Neil Gaiman in his natural habitat.

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OF COURSE I get swamped with work when I agree to beta's my BFF's fic.  UGH.  NOW I HAVE FOUR JOBS, WHAT IS THIS MESS?

1) House sitting job/odd ends job with Prof.
2) TEMPORARY (thank christ) administrative assistant to the entire 20 odd Liberal Studies department members.
3) Computer Lab Aide
4) Writing Tutor/University Copyrighter

What this all means is, Normally, I do beta work when I'm in between student papers.  Not a problem, until someone drops their graduate thesis in my lap and in broken english says, "Due next friday.  :)"  and I open it to discover gibberish about the Korean War.  All sentences with perfect spelling and a complete  lack of SVP sense and only half the tenses correct.


As soon as I finish that nightmare, the other lab aide calls to let me know he's sick and by the way, the boss would like me to fill in.    14 hour shifts, people.  Very trying.  And then, when it looks like he's about to get better, the admin assis from LSD calls me and asks really nicely if I would fill in for her in the afternoons because she broke her knees in a mosh pit and would really appreciate someone filling in as the department is lost without her (True fact).  Only I won't get paid for anything over my ten a week tutor hours because the  payroll department would throw a fit.  Which, I'm actually fine with because this department has been SO GOOD TO ME, the least I can do is hang out, drink coffee, and make copies of papers.  Once, the previous admin assis photocopied an entire book for me.  Seriously.

I'm looking longingly forward to saturday since I'll only work 5 hours and I can sleep late.  Friday looks fifty/fifty.  I might get asked to open the lab, and if I don't, I'll just be at Liberal Studies, filling in for the admin.


On the positive side, no one minds if I fall asleep on the couch at work when it's slow so it's mostly just a brain killer.
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I have a cat! Jasmine is amazing.  She's sweet, adorable and she's six years old.

I know I need to get catnip and a harness and leash so she can hang outside.   Anyone have some advice for me?  We also have a dog and while the dog ADORES her, she's not thrilled.

I love her.  She's a Nita cat.
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The One Where Brent Has Doubts And Then He Doesn't
by [personal profile] mimbulusmimbletonia 
Brent gets a pep talk.

You could also call this the one where Brent Wilson meets Posh Spice. )
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I've officially hit my halfway point in the beta job.  It's amazing what you can do when your brain isn't going, "TRITONES! A-


I love this BBB.
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So.  Better Idea than "I WILL DO TEN MILLION THINGS TO LONG AS I DON'T IMPLODE EMOTIONALLY" because dude.  DUDE.  Being an emotional trainwreck is like, my thing.  Possibly an art form.  For chrissake, I posted a love letter on craigslist a couple days ago and I got zero porn offers and one pity letter.  :|  I wish that was a joke.

ANYWAY, since there's BBB and the part where I am moving between Sunday and Tuesday and I have a house to clean tomorrow, I will make smaller goals.  Want to run an errand, edit a section.  Pack a box, edit a section.  Rearrange furniture, pass out for a while (As I Should Be).  Wake up, edit a section.

NGL, the mixing will wait until after I move.  I keep my music on the external. 

In Non Fandom news:

I'm a little terrified of moving.  My first apartment.  My first time living with guys.  What if I end up homeless? What if Sebastian decides he can't share a bathroom with me.  I have a lot of what if's.  A lot of things riding for next year.  ugh.  I may be the only person who has more anxiety during the summer than the school year.

All I remember from tonight is feeling like my heart was bursting and then "Greta should have mandibles" rolling over in my head, again and again.

I'm a lot terrified of having my third bad living situation in a row.  And I mean, these guys are a bunch of drunk stoners.  If I can't get them to like me, what else is there?  o.o  My one saving grace is the knowledge that if things get really bad, i can beg my way back. I think.  Or crash with a prof.
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I love how right now, instead of massive crossposting ending in LJ and Dw being very similar blog flavors, there's a plethora of content in both places.  :)  Oh, and both completely different flavors of blog world.  I've never been the biggest crossposting fan myself. since, hey, if you're going to be in one place, be in one place thing is a philosophy of mine.  There's LJ stuff and Dw stuff and the two can meet as often as then like at box socials, but not both parties in the same night.

Can you tell I never wear the same dress twice?

In any case, hurray for Dw!


May. 3rd, 2010 12:56 am
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I love how 3/4th of green's bandom friending meme are people I already subscribe to either here or on LJ.  It is like hanging out at a reunion in that journal.  Clearly exciting things are cooking on Dw.

Last night

Apr. 29th, 2010 09:51 am
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Last night was amazing.  I got a lot of comments on my....dancing/flailing/backbends while playing bass.  I'm sure you all can picture my hysterical laughter.  Obvious I'm no where near as crazy as Pete or Lyn-Z or Frank, but it was still kind of funny that the band was all "You didn't kick our guitarist in the face! :D!!!" while the audience went. \o/ "YEEAAAHHH"

Awards ceremony in a few hours.  I need people to hold me down to keep me from doing something stupid like yelling, "You lie." during certain segments.
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My practical final tomorrow is a concert.  Seriously, my Music Theory for Non Majors practical final involves playing covers and originals in a rock band.  It's either going to remind me depressingly of what a good thing I had going with "Lisa Says Hi" or it's going to make me ridiculously happy.  In which case, get ready for miles of unicorn fic.

However, After thursday comes Friday, the day I find out if I earned any awards at all from my department.  Which, I have earned and also, I have no competition since I'm the ONLY PERSON in my degree at the department.  So either, I'll walk away with enough to cover my expenses for the next school year OR I get royally screwed, in which case, I will be inconsolable.


heads up.

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